I'm Richard Kho and I turn whisky into code.

I'm not fond of labelling myself based on my job -- I don't consider myself a programmer, I write code to help companies solve problems by increasing revenue and/or decreasing costs.



I joined Uber in 2018 and work on Uber for Business.

Capital One

I worked at Capital One for nearly three years, from 2015 to 2018. Here's some key accomplishments from that time:

  • Wrote a large part of Capital One's frontend, orchestration layer, and infrastructure for handling all credit card applications, both for consumers and small businesses. This product is responsible for tens of millions of captured applications annually and 62.4% of the company's revenue.
  • Added extensive alerting and logging in Capital One's core profit centers, which led to increased engineer productivity as a result of reducing time spent troubleshooting PagerDuty incidents.
  • Built an internal user research testing library leveraging Sketch, Framer, and Parse designed to track users' movements throughout high-fidelity prototypes, improving Design and Product teams' abilities to make data-driven decisions.
  • Launched a bi-weekly, internal Lunch and Learn series at Capital One aimed at connecting inter-office teams across the company together to share knowledge across different fields and subjects, as well as give aspiring conference speakers a smaller circuit to begin with.

Code Chrysalis

In 2017, I helped Code Chrysalis build their curriculum on a part-time basis. Code Chrysalis is a Tokyo-based advanced software engineering school that transforms its students into autonomous software engineers with a Silicon Valley mindset.

Prior Roles

  • Algorithms lecturer @ Hack Reactor
  • Early operations and fraud detection @ Postmates during its Series A stage


React Native By Example

In 2017, I authored a book on React Native Development.

Product Kitty

In 2014, I wrote one of the first large indie React Native apps on the market. It was a Product Hunt client, because using their API gave me commenting privileges for the then-closed community. It was featured on Use React Native and Product Hunt itself.


Since 2017, I volunteer my time helping others break into tech through Out of Office Hours.

In 2015, I mentored students from Mission Bit as part of a summer internship held at Hack Reactor.

Standing Invitation

I'm very happy to chat with anyone who wants to talk about tech: How to break in, where to start your career, and ways to keep growing. Email me at hello+fromblog at richardkho dot com and let's chat.

Online Presence

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