I'm Richard Kho, a software engineer living in San Francisco. I turn whisky into code. Product, Engineering, and Design are equally important parts of my craft.


Capital One

Since 2015, I have been building products at Capital One. Having worked across multiple teams and lines of business, I have worked on the following projects:

  • Built Capital One's enterprise-scale ReactJS/Flux-based webapp for handling all credit card signups, for both consumers and small businesses alike. This product is responsible for over 20 million captured applications annually and increased Capital One's Net Present Value by $80 million dollars.
  • Led the upgrade of Jolt, our internal Angular 1.x-based UI component library, to a new and improved design language.
  • Launched a bi-weekly, internal Lunch and Learn series at Capital One aimed at connecting inter-office teams across the company together to share knowledge across different fields and subjects. Since launch, this series has never failed to book speakers at least two months in advance.
  • Created a custom, inner-sourced FramerJS-based framework for rapid prototyping within the Small Business Design organization.
  • Converted online enrollment for SparkPay Web to be responsive, supporting mobile phones and tablets. This led to an increased NPS score of 12 points from new users.
  • Shipped an internal Service Blueprint Viewer for internal Design Research teams at Capital One to share, upload, and view large Service Blueprints which allowed them to collaborate better with project stakeholders. The product resulted in at least one specific team being able to complete more tasks during design sprints thanks to the time saved.

Code Chrysalis

Since early 2017, I've been helping Code Chrysalis build their curriculum on a part-time basis. Code Chrysalis is a Tokyo-based advanced software engineering school that transforms its students into autonomous software engineers with a Silicon Valley mindset.

Code Chrysalis is still in stealth mode, and so I can't give more details at this time.

Hack Reactor

In 2015, I worked at Hack Reactor as a Hacker in Residence and Algorithms Lecturer. I also taught an early version of Reactor Prep to students who have since gone on to attend the full-time Hack Reactor program and are currently employed as full-time software engineers at companies across the United States.


React Native By Example

I recently authored a book on React Native Development. It was quite the journey writing the book, and I hope to go into depth on this experience very soon.

Product Kitty

Between 2014 and 2015, I was an avid user on Product Hunt. Recently acquired by AngelList, Product Hunt is a site that lets users browse new technology products listed on a daily basis. Product Kitty is an iOS-based browser for Product Hunt built entirely in React Native. I intended on using this project to showcase my abilities as a developer, and it eventually became featured on Use React Native and Product Hunt itself.


I offer a series of time slots for tech mentoring at Out of Office Hours.

From May through August 2015, Mission Bit students on a paid internship at Hack Reactor received thrice-a-week mentoring sessions and algorithms curriculum from me.

I'm always very happy to speak to someone who wants to talk about tech: How to break in, where to start your career, and ways to keep growing. Email me at hello+fromblog at richardkho dot com and let's chat.

Online Presence

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