So much has happened.

I graduated from Hack Reactor last weekend. While a large number of my peers are going off into the job hunt, I'm taking a slightly different course.

In Week 7 of my time here, I applied for and was accepted into the Hacker-in-Residence program. Here's what this means for me:

  1. I'm going to work at the school for the next three months.
    • I'll be doing a variety of things to help the wonderful HR community out. I'll be helping incoming students get unstuck with their work while delivering morning lectures to the previous day's algorithms challenges.
  2. I'll have a lot of time for personal projects.
    • In addition to my work for the school, I'll have a lot of free time to hack away at any projects that appeal to me. I've already come up with a pretty good pipeline for what I want to do.
  3. In three months' time, I'll join the job search.
    • Next week, there's going to be a new incoming class of Juniors (HR 28/29). I'll be going into the job search at the same time as them.

When I was considering a career change and found out about Hack Reactor, the biggest impact in my decision to attend revolved around the amazing online community they had built.

Although it was extremely appealing to join the job search with the majority of my cohort (fifteen of us between HR24/25 were accepted into the HIR program), I really didn't want to pass up the opportunity to give back to the community.


I'm going to make an effort to post on this blog at least once or twice a week. The following projects are on my pipeline:

  • A really cool application in React Native.
  • A portfolio site
  • A full-stack application that utilizes Backbone

That's it for now -- it's about time I get back to my projects!